Bought 1600watt Power Supply Unit from USA

Hello, I bought a 1600 Power Supply Unit from US and shipped to Nigeria, It has an input of 100 - 240 Volts , Frequency 47 - 53 Hz and Current 15A/8A. but it is not powering up a computer that needs it to run. Please do I need to step up or step down because I dont know much about electricty.

Is the atx cable connected properly? maybe if you send some pictures we can figure it out.

This is the eight pin EATX _12 Volt connector from the PSU connected to the Motherboard

This is the 4-pin AUX PWR_A1 Since I will be connecting my GPU to the A01 Slot on the Motherboard.

and Finally this is the 24-Pin connected to the EATX PWR_A on the mother board

This are the three ATX i connected from the PSU and the motherboard did not run

Hello Awele, I see the motherboard is special (mining?). I also see there are missing power points left unplugged … maybe you need to plug all of them, do you have a manual for the motherboard? an alternative would be to test the power supply in another simpler motherboard, to check if the power supply works with another motherboard. Let me know I am curious now.


thanks for the awesome information.

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