Got USA Sony Smart TV 55 inch with adapter


I got Sony smart TV 55 inch with adapter. Below are its specification.

I brought this TV to India. Now how should i use this TV. Some people are saying since TV has a adapter plug just buy step converter and plug the USA plug into it, so that India power will be converted to USA plug for consumption.
Some are saying buy a Step down transformer and plug the USA pin to it. If this need to be used can i use 500 W or more or what should be the watts it should have?
Confused on if just step down converter is enough or transformer is needed and with how many watts.

Hi Raghuvalab,

Welcome to the forum. Have a look at the TV plate and see exactly what it says on it, the plate details are likely to be close the plug coming out.

The link you provided is for sure for the same TV model, but sometimes the models differ very slightly i.e. 55X850D vs 55X850I (just one letter) … that might indicate Indian market model, vs American market, same product, different plugs, language, electricity… Have a look at the label in the device, it should be precise and specify the required voltage. If it works with 110V, you are safe to plug it into a 110V USA standard socket. Let me know,


Attached pic has adapter which came with TV can i use the plug which i showed in the image to connect to the adapter

Will look into the TV plate.

The brick-adapter reads “INPUT 110-240V”, if it is accurate and the original brick-adapter for your TV, it should be possible to plug it in any standard home/house wall socket anywhere in the world (either 110v or 220v house distribution.). Check if the TV says “INPUT 19.5V” which is the ‘output’ of that brick-adapter.

The blue adapter in your picture, I believe is used in India to convert American Sockets (type A) into a typical Indian socket (Type D/M). Likely to be the adapter you need.

You can read more here about connecting American devices in India:


Thanks for all the information you provided. I am able to connect the blue plug as I shown in the images, which will convert American Sockets (type A) into an Indian socket (Type D/M) and its working like a charm. Since the TV has an adapter the problem got solved soon. I didn’t need any transformer or any step down converter.

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I am glad to be of help. Enjoy your new TV!!