Lamp from Korea to USA

Hi, I’m wondering if you can help me. My daughter brought home a novelty lamp from Korea and we are looking for a US adapter for it. The only info I have is the marking on the plug says 16A250v. The adapters I’m looking at say they are for use with dual voltage items only (110/220). Since this is 250 volts I assume a normal adapter will not work? Do you have any suggestions on what to buy or if I can even make this work here? Here is an old link of the lamp we have so you can see it–not even sure what kind of bulbs are inside it as it does not open. Dog Lamp Thanks so much for any help you can give me, DoxieLady

It is probably LED and you have a chance of it working with 110V.
It should have a label stating the electrical requirements, try to find it and post a picture here.

What you mentioned, 16A250V is usually the specification for the plug but I am pretty sure the lamp you have shown in the picture won’t use about 3500 Watts.