Melting Pot with New Zealand Plug in Canada

Hey all !

I need some help. I purchased this melting pot:

It has this info on the listing : Our wax melters are equipped with an AS/NZS 3112 Australian and New Zealand standard 220V AC power plug. If you are based in Canada or the USA or in a country that operates at different voltage standards to the above, please note that incompatibilities may occur with overseas plug converters/transformers.

The Simple Solution: Use a 220 to 110 Adapter

An adapter that plugs into a standard 220-volt receptacle and allows you to use a 110-volt plug costs about $10-$30 In technical terms, it provides a NEMA 5-15P outlet, which is a three-pin grounded outlet rated for 15 amps. It has an internal fuse that trips when the current exceeds 15 amps, so you don’t need to change the circuit breaker. It doesn’t have ground fault protection, however, so you shouldn’t use it in a location in which a GFCI is required, such as the laundry room. Commonly called a gas range adapter, it’s an easy and effective way to convert a 220V receptacle for use as a 110V outlet when the outlet is behind a range and safely out of the way of moisture.

I cannot for the life of me find the actual plug adapter they are talking about. It’ll be used in a commercial setting so I need to ensure its safe. Can anyone help ?

I understand that device is a New Zealand 220V device; Canada network is 110V, you need an ‘elevator transformer’ to convert Canada’s 110V, into the 220V the device expect. Keep in mind, it probably has a heating element, therefore it will use plenty of energy (1 to 3KW, it should be stated in the product label.). Double check everything, we are not 100% sure as your question might have confused us a bit.

Have a look at this product:

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