Perilex plug from Germany to Canada

I am planning to move from Germany to Canada. We have a number of machines here in Germany that use a Perilex plug (5 pin, 1 big and 4 small). I think they are 360V or 400V.

Can I use the machines in Canada? I want to run them from a normal house, not an industrial location. The machines have motors (e.g. a meat grinder for making sausage) or are used for heating (e.g. a 300 litre hot water pot).

We also purchased a Mac computer last year, so it is fairly new. Is this likely to work if we simply put a new pin on it?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Hi Doug,

The Mac will likely to work with just one plug adapter (or changing the cable.). Please, double check the label to be on the safe side.

Canada home electric distributions are usually provided with two 110v phases; the typical appliances use a Neutral wire plus one phase for the typical 110V plug (i.e. you Mac will be connected like that).

For high energy equipment i.e. an air conditioner, two phases are used together (instead of 1 phase + neutral) and that will provide 220V.

The Perilex plug you mention uses three phases, you will have to investigate a bit further and ask about triple-phase home distribution in Canada. In most countries, only two phases are provided for homes, but I can not give you a definite answer as it will depend on the home you are moving into. In my experience, it is exceptional to have three-phases at home.

I hope it helps,