RSA to USA upconverter/adapter

I shipped a large coffee machine to USA and neglected to research the voltage differences. When can I get an adapter with up converter to power my machine

Can you upload a picture of the plug and/or a close up of the plaque with the electrical details? It would look something like this:


Following your direct message, the coffee machine seems to be 220V, the standard in USA is 110V, but some houses do have also 220V for high-power devices. (i.e. washing machines, cookers, etc.)

I would check if you do have 220V at home, otherwise you will need a voltage elevator, given it is a coffee machine (high power consumption.) I would recommend to check the wattage first so you buy a suitable elevator.

i.e. (This one is for 3000W, you can get up to 5000W).



thanks for the awesome information.

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