Type F plug to type E socket adapter and effects on DLAN connectivity

Hey guys, i just moved from germany to poland.

I need to use my dlan repeater for access to internet on my pc.

Sadly my DLAN-Adapters only have type F plugs, but all sockets in this household are type E (i’ll include pictures).

Could you guys help me with an adapter that i can use to connect my dlan-adapter to these sockets?

Also i am very interested in how adapters would influence the effectivity of the dlan-repeater.
I already read that filter and converter will potentially lower the connectivity of my dlan repeater.

Hence, if somebody could tell me about a adapter as barebone as possible, i’d be especially thankfull.

Easiest would be to use a short extension cord; I know it is not recommended by the manual but it will work.

There are also generic (not safe or CE certificated) adapters that will go from the wall to “anything”, they usually come in knock-off chinese devices. Again, I can only mention them, I won’t suggest to use them.

Specially if you have pets or kids in the house because they are not protected against intrusive small fingers.