US goods in Australia

I bought some LED Strip lights from for my granddaughter in Australia. The tracking information came through and they are coming from America. Plugs and power come to mind :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

Not sure if you will see the photo
It says INPUT: 100-240V
OUTPUT: 12V-3500mA
50/60~1A Max

And the plug looks like a two pronged flat straight plug.
Can you help clarify the situation? I would appreciate any information you an give me. I am in the U.K.

Many thanks in advance.



Thank you for contacting. If I understand well, you intend to use them in Australia, but they are built for the American market, given they have the two straight plat prongs.

Given they are 110/220, you will just need a simple plug adapter, look at this page:

Given the information they work both in 110 and 220, you should not worry about the voltage difference. (But please double check this; if it is what is actually delivered, as it is unfortunately way too common to have product descriptions not respecting what comes in the box… the actual adapter should be accurate on its own labels).


Thank you so much for your reassurance. It has eased my mind. You are brilliant!

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