US goods in Kenya

I ordered an Instant Pot Pressure Cooker from Amazon in the USA and, when it got to me, I realized the electrical requirements, from plug, volts, and hertzs, are different for the USA and for Kenya.
The user manual also specifically states, " Do not use appliance in electrical systems other than 120V/60Hz for North America. Do not use with power converters or adapters."
I’m wondering if this means that I can’t use my appliance here, or…?

Hello WangaRay,

You will need a transformer to reduce from Kenya’s 220V to 110V needed by the Pot Pressure Cooker. It is very unlikely a device like a pressure cooker would work in both systems (220/110), but you can check it on the label.

You will need something like this: (but check the required wattage from the device’ manual.)

Hope it helps, let me know,