Us to Australia adaptors

Hi, It’s my first time on here and i have virtually no electrical experiece. So, I’m in the process of buying a lightsaber and can only get a charger for the electronics tier I want in the US form, so i need to find an adaptor that lessens the Australian output of 230V 50Hz to the standard US output so the saber will charge properly and not explode. The Charger is USB based by the way.


We definitely want to see a picture of what you want to buy. Can’t provide help without specific details. Edy

It all seems to be a standard usb outlet, i just want an adaptor that accepts a US plug and plugs into an Australian port - but it also has to tone down the wattage (don’t really knwo what i’m talking about) because of the wattage output differences between Australia and the US I don’t want to over load or damage the lightsaber.

Thanks, Xavier

This might help: