Using EU plug in US 700 Watts & 50-60HZ

Hi! I’m so confused as to what I need to purchase! Please help! I bought my husband a Shisha Turbine coal heater (for use with hookah coals). It has either an EU or German plug. It is 230V, 700 Watts and 50-60 HZ.

I was hoping to not need a transformer, but just a converter and adapter, (so we don’t have to have such a large box to plug it into), but is that possible? I see some on Amazon but they only say like 230 watts and some don’t say. I do have to take into consideration the watts, right?

Am i going to have to get a Transformer (like 1000 watts)? or are there Converters that go up to 700 Watts? or at least what is the smallest transformer that will work?

Every time i think i found something that works, it ends up not having a US plug. I’ve tried typing in US to EU and EU to US and I belive it’s “Step Up” converter, right? What exactly am i looking for?

Any links to some products that would work?

Hello Brandi, welcome :wave:

Can you post pictures of the plug and labels in the device? just to be sure, are you intending to use it in Texas, USA, isn’t?


I actually got it figured out. It was an EU plug and I had put the info exactly the way it was on the label in the message (230V, 700 Watts and 50-60 HZ).

In case anyone comes here in the future with a similar question, what I ordered that worked perfectly was this (although, I’m sure there are things that are less expensive I just liked that this blends into the wall better with it’s taller, thinner design):

link: UMI Step UP 110 to 220 Voltage Converter 1200W for Euro and China Appliance Used in US with toroidal Transformer Inside, Safety : Electronics

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Thank you for sharing Brandi!