Welcome to Whatplug' Talk

Have you a particular questions about using electronic devices abroad? Did we miss something in the main site? Come and make a question, there is always somebody trying to help.

We also share knowledge about other topics, like travelling tips, electronics, etc.

Hello :wave: I’m Edy a moderator from WhatPlug.

I give you a warm welcome to Whatplug’ Discourse platform: talk.whatplug.info, A bit of history:

During the years, we received questions in the contact-form of the main site, we noticed some questions repeated themselves and frequently updated the main site with more details in our guide for travelling abroad with electric devices.

In other occasions, we receive specific feedback from users about a particular country that we report back into the site i.e. https://whatplug.info/from/brazil.

Quite often, the questions are very specific, i.e.

Will I be able to use my Grandma’s Hair Dryer?

In the Happy Bar at Union Island?

So we come up with this discourse platform to let everybody participate and discuss their experience abroad, to make questions and and to answer them to.

Welcome and feel yourself at home,

Edy :electric_plug:

PS: The Island only energy source is the sun :sun_with_face: (and hydrocarbons in the form of margaritas :cocktail:), It has three 200W solar panels, by looking at the size of your Grandma’s Hair Dryer I can estimate it will require a small city turbine to produce a few dozen of kilowatts, I think the answer is no. But let’s discuss it.

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